Only a wiseman could craft such a sequel


Last week it was officially announced that Screen Gems are planning two sequels to “Underworld”, the werewolf-vampire actioner starring Scott Speedman and Kate Beckinsale. Cinema Confidential caught up with Director Len Wiseman, who revealed what constitution they might take.

"There’s actually a sequel and a prequel that was mapped out when we sold this film. [Co-writer] Danny McBride and myself – there was so much that we wanted to tell in this story that it was getting a bit confusing for us to map out all the history and the wars. We said, ‘You know what? Let’s map out a long story that would maybe span out three films and let’s then be able to tell our film in the middle.’ But we had to kind of map out the whole thing to get to the point where we are now because it does have a lot of layers in it. But we do want to tell a lot of that back story and I’m obsessed with going back to the Dark Ages and showing the war when it was legions of werewolves fighting an army of vampires on horseback, invading their castle. I think that would be insane visuals! So that’s a bit of what the sequel is. We are already in the deal for the sequel and the studio’s incredibly excited about it. I think the 15 minutes [of the sequel] will be a prequel for the sequel, much like an ‘Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade’ type of situation."

According to the director, Speedman and Beckinsale are likely to return.