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Clints Bits – 2/10

Clints Bits – 2/10

A relatively hushed week in the Showbiz world this week [everyone’s probably still hung over from Toronto] but regardless, there’s at least still some happenings to report. Today, news on the will-it-ever-fly “Superman”, “Return of the Living Dead 4”, something new for both Orlando Bloom and Jennifer Connelly, some “Star Wars” titbits and a couple of announcements for the tube. See you tomorrow.

  • Aint it Cool News has received word that “Superman” might be ready to film in Sydney, Australia. Seems unlikely since nothing’s been confirmed yet though.

  • CountingDown and the IMDB report that Matt Greenberg and David Newton [“Halloween H20”] are writing the next “Halloween” movie.

  • William Butler talked to Fangoria and said there might be some surprising news regarding a “Return of the living Dead 4” soon.

  • Coming Soon has a truckload full of images from Tim Burton’s upcoming film “Big Fish”. Which you can view here.

  • Columbia Pictures is readying an updated version of its 1971 high-tech heist thriller “The Anderson Tapes”, the old Sean Connery starrer.

  • Jennifer Connelly is set to star in a remake of “Dark Waters”, a Japanese film about a mother and daughter who encounter a ghost.

  • Orlando Bloom is being touted to star in Ridley Scott’s “Kingdom of Heaven”, about a young blacksmith who becomes a knight and helps defend Jerusalem against the Crusaders.

  • Christopher Kirby did a short interview with Insomniac Cinema about his role in “Star Wars Episode III” which you can read here

  • Dark Horizons reports that New Line Cinema is prepping a remake of the classic Craven flick “The Hills Have Eyes”.

  • FilmJerk has a review up of Shane Black’s "You’ll Never Die in This Town Again." script It’s a mostly positive review of the script dated January 26, 2003, says the site.

  • According to Dark Horizons, Bryan Singer [“X Men”] is rumoured to be attached to the long-planned remake of “Logan’s Run”.

  • Bit of an update on “Die Hard 4”. Word is “John McClane takes on terrorists in a wheelchair..”. God help us all.

  • Pixar’s next film will be about a rat named "Ratatouille," who lives in a fancy Parisian restaurant. The film’s scheduled for release in 2006.

  • Cate Blanchett is returning to Australia for “Little Fish”, in which she will play a woman who struggles to escape her past in the film set in the Little Saigon district of Sydney’s western suburbs. Martin Henderson co-stars.

  • Superhero Hype is relaying news that "Family Guy" star Alex Borstein has joined the cast of Warner’s “Catwoman”.

  • Cliff Robertson talked to UGO and confirmed that Uncle Ben [somehow] returns in the “Spider-Man 2”. He’s already shot his scenes.

  • The Z Review has the first pics of Colin Farrell on the set of “Alexander”. The site says they’ve also got pics of Eric Bana on set. Bana in Alexander?

  • Good mate Chris Mulkey’s in a new film called “Radio” co-starring Ed Harris and Cuba Gooding Jr. You can check out the trailer here

  • According to the Hollywood Reporter, ABC is developing a drama series based on last year’s “Insomnia”. The potential series would pick up two years after the film left off.

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