Sigourney on an elongated stand-by


It’s not sounding good for “Alien 5”, with Director Ridley Scott not even pencilling it in his filofax as a prospective idea and taking it very ho-hum. Dark Horizons transcribed part of an interview Scott did with foreign site DVDRama, in particular his thoughts of bringing back Ripley and company. "Fox and Sigourney Weaver have contacted me; they want to conclude this series with the one who has begun it. […] But there are not even serious talks. I don’t really know what I could do…unless I go back to the questions stated in the first episode. Where does the crashed ship on the planet with this mysterious extra-terrestrial come from ? We could wonder wether massive destruction weapons (which could threaten the Earth) had been used or not. I could be inspired by The War of the Worlds…”

On the other hand, he sounded slightly more for the idea when chatting to The Star Ledger

"I’d like to go back to do a tight movie, one-on-one," said Scott. "I think that’s always scarier. When you get too many aliens, it diminishes the terror. It becomes an action movie, whereas ours was about flat-out terror."

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