Looking for another to be "Cursed"


The troubled Wes Craven production “Cursed”, which was recently put on hiatus due to a shoddy ending and effects problems, will resume production on November 17th says Filmjerk. The site also reports that a new character is being written into the film. Producers are on the lookout for someone to play a character named Jake, who is in listed as being in his mid-to-late 20s. Described as "the ultimate leading man of mystery, he is handsome, with deep, piercing eyes and a small town charm. But there is also a real sense of darkness that is simultaneously unreachable and irresistible. With a secret life and questionable motives, he is someone to be approached with caution." Producers are also looking to land a name actress for the special cameo role of Zela, described as a free spirited fortuneteller on the Santa Monica Pier, who offers sound words of caution to those who have fallen under the cloud of a darker fate.