Clints Bits – 3/10


What a week it’s been. We’ve finally ditched the heave sack after first glimpses of Halle Berry in costume in Warner’s “Catwoman”, we’ve just heard news that Vin Diesel is copping out of the “XXX” sequel only to be replaced by a rapper, and ol’ Michael J.Fox number “Teen Wolf” rematerializes. One can only hope the lunacy continues. Enjoy today’s what’s happening’s and what’s doing’s…

  • Dimension say there’s no truth to the rumour that Matt Greenberg and David Newton are writing the next “Halloween” movie. And also, Neither is Alan McElroy, nor is Sean Cunningham directing it.

  • The Japanese poster for the “Dawn of the Dead” remake is up at Aint it Cool. Seems quite premature for the poster devise to be up?

  • The teaser trailer for the upcoming “Barbershop 2” is online here. The film, starring Ice Cube, Cedric the Entertainer, Eve, Troy Garity, Sean Patrick Thomas, Michael Ealy, Leonard Earl Howze and Queen Latifah, opens on Feb 6th.

  • Coming Soon says the “Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe” movie will be filmed in Hobsonville, West Auckland, New Zealand where “Boogeyman” is currently being filmed.

  • Nick Cassavetes [“John Q”] has signed to take the helm of “Five Dollars a Day”, a drama about a son who is forced to reunite with his con artist father for a cross-country odyssey.

  • The Hollywood Reporter says Alex Borstein will play Berry’s friend and Michael Massee will play a heavy in Warner’s “Catwoman”.

  • Producer Don Murphy told Superhero Hype that there’s no truth to the rumour that Phil Alden Robinson is attached as the Writer/Director/Producer of “Iron Man”.

  • The Z Review reports that Claire Danes might be involved in the next “Die Hard” movie. Presume she’s rumoured for the Lucy McClane role.

  • Dean Parisot [“Galaxy Quest”] will direct “Fun With Dick and Jane”, the Columbia Pictures-based remake of the 1977 comedy that will star Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz.

  • reports that Michael Rappaport will most likely be leaving “Boston Public” at the end of the season because he’s just got his own sitcom, “First Comes Love”.

  • MediaSharx reports that Jimmy Smits has agreed to star in a new untitled NBC drama from Jerry Bruckheimer and David Mills. Smits will play a private investigator that fixes problems for the rich and famous.