Reservoir Dog back in business?


Good news for fans of the long-planned – and previously rumoured to be off – “Vega Brothers” movie. Michael Madsen tells that it’s still on [either that or it’s wishful thinking]. “I think for a while it wasn’t going to happen, but I think that he came up with a good concept of an idea for actually making it work. Now I’m pretty sure that it’s going to happen.” The ray-ban wearing “Kill Bill” star also commented on another Tarantino film he’s set to appear in, “Inglorious Bastards”. “Yeah, oh yeah. I think he’s still writing it. It’s about 95% done. You’d have to ask him but I think it’s definitely something we are going to do.” [Sounds like someone’s hoping to be rescued from direct to video hell.] Tarantino told FilmJerk, something similar about “Inglorious”, saying “That will probably be the next thing I do. I might do something in between, but if it’s not the next thing it will be right after that.”