John Travolta's agent is already on the line


Funnily enough, I was just talking about John Woo’s lacklustre action Hollywood career – in contrast to his holy days in Hong Kong – with a friend yesterday and now news that Woo might be turning his back on the genre. According to Monkey Peaches, the “Hard Boiled” Directors eyeing a musical project as his next film, “Tale of Chris Damon”.

Says the site, “The story is about a guy called Chris Damon in the 1930’s America. He was a pocket-picker with a dream of being a member of the crime family. He had to take care of his big brother who was suffering from pneumonia. He was in love with a dance teacher and had an affair with the mistress of a crime boss. Woo said he was not confidence about handling musicals before, but after Dancer In The Dark, Moulin Rouge! and Chicago, Warner Brothers was finally ready to give me money to make one. It will have singing, dancing and action with a blend of love, romance and gang violence. He said if he was making a Chinese language film, Chow Yun-Fat would be the first choice. But because it was a Hollywood production, they were still doing the casting. Woo said musicals were his favorite since childhood. When he was a young boy, he once sneaked into a movie theater to watch a musical and was discovered by the staff. He was slapped, rolled downstairs and broke his head. He cried and finished the movie by hiding behind a door. In middle school, Woo even taught dance to other students. He was once troubled with stammer and used dance to express his thoughts”. Interesting…