Not sounding so "Grimm"


The Matt Damon Column has a slew of ongoing information on the now-filming “Brothers Grimm” flick starring Damon and Heath Ledger up. First up, they mention an interview Bob McCabe did with a publication called Daily Llama. Here’s a taste : “It’s a big $80 million film, with some simply amazing sets (he’s already built two forests and an entire fairy tale town) and as such is proving to be a long and difficult shoot (Prague weather is not to relied on). I’m often out there compiling a book on the movie which will be part diary of this, and in part a look of how Gilliam got to this point, i.e. the last five years and the movies that didn’t make it.”

In addition, co-star Peter Stormare apparently talked to Nordic News about the film. "My character is very interesting, because he has both a light and a dark side to his personality. In the beginning, he is quite evil, but then he develops into a good guy. One might even say that the character is raving mad, but remember – this film is directed by Terry Gilliam, so he operates in an area ranging from John Cleese to the completely demonic."

Stormare was also asked if "The Brothers Grimm" is an important step in his career? “All the male actors I know have one dream – to play in a film directed by Terry Gilliam. He is both cult and king! Maybe he wasn’t the mastermind behind Monty Python, but he was the one that kept the members together, he was the director, and he also created those incredible cartoons. So to me, acting in a film by Gilliam is a dream come true.

“I know Matt through our mutual pal Ben Affleck, and I also know Lena Headey, who plays another main role. Besides that, when you’re shooting a film there is always a lot of waiting, so we have plenty of time to chat and get acquainted. But after everything’s wrapped up, I never socialise with the other actors. We are working all day – when we were shooting outside Kutna Hora, I rose at five in the morning and returned to my apartment at 11 – so you just don’t have the strength.”

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