Gunn points to the poster


Screenwriter James Gunn was in touch to clear up rumours on that Japanese “Dawn of the Dead” poster doing the rounds. “..You know there’s been a controversy about the Japanese dawn of the dead poster…So a Japanese Dawn of the Dead poster showed up on the Internet it has a face of a little girl and proclaims George A. Romero in the title..

"On American sites, it may have first showed up at . Then Creature Corner ran a story debunking the poster as a fake, and, later on, a Universal rep sent a letter saying the poster was a complete fake to the fine new Dawn fan site at Then Harry Knowles over at AintItCool ran a story on the poster, saying it was real. I’ve gotten a few emails from people wondering which it is. The verdict? Yes, it’s real. Essentially. It’s a preliminary poster for Toho-Towa, the Japanese distributor of Dawn. It features the face of Vivian, a little girl at the beginning of the movie who feasts on the neck of Sarah Polley’s husband. Eric Newman, the film’s producer, told me the Japanese people are disturbed by the poster, by the idea of this innocent little girl being a flesh-eating zombie (Really? From the country who brought us BATTAL ROYALE?!) Honestly, to me, it looks just okay. Vivian doesn’t look quite dead enough. In the actual movie, part of her face has been torn away — I’d rather see that poster, though it’s probably a little gross for popular consumption. Toha-Towa supposedly also have a trailer of some sort out there, or coming soon. Neither Strike nor Universal have any say over the art. The Universal rep understandably didn’t know about the poster. Anyway, that’s it — the full truth, so far as I know it.”