"Super" news for anxious fans?


I’m with you guys when it comes to “Superman” news, its grain-of-salt fodder until we hear something concrete. Regardless, Superman-V have some damn interesting news on their portal that might be signalling the checkered flag of the long-winded production. “Word from an uber-reliable source is that "they are still budgeting and JJ Abrams is doing a rewrite". This source also said that this rewrite could be the one that will officially greenlight the film.” In addition, the site has their list of who they’ve heard are the current 5 candidates for the lead role.

Matthew Bomer is again mentioned, as is Henry Cavill and Brendan Fraser. But there’s two newbies on this list : Josh Lucas and Scott Speedman.

Lucas was apparently a candidate for roles in both “Catwoman” and “Batman Intimidation Game” but missed out on both. He’s apparently hoping for this one.

Speedman – best known for his role on TV’s “Felicity” and the recent flick “Underworld” – is probably the long shot. But still, interesting choice.

The site also adds more fuel to the “Batman Vs.Superman” resurrection rumour.

“Lastly, and take this with the biggest grain of salt you can find. Wolfgang Petersen has apparently asked David Benioff if he’d be interested in taking a crack at a Batman vs. Superman draft. Benioff has written Troy, the brilliant 25th Hour and Stay (which he sold for a cool $1.8 million). BvS is one of the many projects Petersen has at the studio, however I think he’ll either move onto Ender’s Game or something else after Troy. It’ll take some monumental screw ups on Superman for them to even think about greenlighting BvS”.