Chevy Chase coming back as "Fletch" Huh?


Whether it gets off the ground or not is a matter in itself, but just the fact that there’s a third “Fletch” movie floating about, one which would star Chevy Chase – especially now, with Kevin Smith planning his “Fletch Won” without Chase – is rather intriguing. Talking on the FletchWon message boards, screenwriter said she’s written a direct sequel to “Fletch Lives” [1989] and hopes something will come off it. “True. I’m the author of "Fletch Returns" the sequel to "Fletch Lives" which will hopefully star all of the original cast including cameos of Gail Stanwyck, Becky Culpepper and everyones favorite….Ted Underhill. "Fletch Returns" is currently in the hands of Creative Artists Agency. I don’t know if they’ll read it or shred it. I’d like to get it directly in the hands of Chevy Chase. Can anyone help me?”. Here’s the synopsis : Short synopsis: Irwin M. Fletcher’s retirement gets postponed when Frank Walker is kidnapped by none other than Al Qaeda terrorists. It is up to Fletch, using his many disguises to find the kidnappers and not get himself killed. In the end, he has one heck of a story to print. The script includes the typical Fletch-isms only Chevy Chase can bring to the character. Sound interesting? Thanks to ‘Rollie’