Batgirl returns….kinda


It’s amazing how some of these shows like “Firefly” and “Birds of Prey” can last only a few weeks on the air, and yet manage to bring together some pretty large and loyal fans. And whilst it seemed fans of the WB’s “Prey” had seen the last of the aged Catwoman and co – it ain’t unerringly the case. A feature version is coming. Well kinda. Some of the fans have got together to produce an independent film called "Birds of Prey : Endgame". Director Davin Nation stopped by to tell us about it. “Auditions are next week, at least that’s what we’re hoping for. I’m still waiting for the script to be approved by the principal of the school we’re filming/auditioning at. I’m hoping she had a chance to read it during the weekend.”

“About the plot of the movie, The Joker escapes from Maximum Security Prison and returns to New Gotham to continue his campaign against our heroes. He frees all the major bad-asses from Arkham Asylum and assembles an army of ‘Chameleon Warriors.’ So Barbara, assembles her own army, which brings back a lot of old friends to the Clocktower such as Nightwing, Robin, Green Arrow, etc.

“While, for the most part, the story is about Good VS. Evil and the war between Joker and Batman (or Batman’s legacy), there is also a lot of character development. By the end of the movie, the Birds that we knew from the series are going to be very evolved and different. We have Barbara taking on the role of a General and leading an army. Helena kinda deals with her "Dad issues", and Dinah becomes even more of a dedicated crimefighter.

“It should be a pretty wild and crazy ride. We’re hoping to start filming in November, and I’ll keep everyone updated through the Director’s Blog on the website.

“As for hearing from anyone attached to the show, I haven’t heard from any of them, but that would be great to know that they’re supporting this. I get at least five e-mails a day asking "Is the same cast going to be in it" and five times a day I have to explain the Union laws lol!

Good Luck guys!