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Clints Bits – 8/10

Clints Bits – 8/10

Arnold Schwarzenneger, governor of California hey? Very interesting times ahead now. Not only will it be interesting to watch the big guy to see if he can deliver on his promises, but it’ll be interesting to see how this affects his movie career. Anyone else think they might have seen – for the most part – the end of movie-star Arnold? In some respects, that ‘passing the torch’ scene in The Rock’s latest movie “The Rundown”, might have been premeditated?

  • Warner Bros. has acquired screen rights to the Ron McLarty novel “The Memory of Running” about a 43-year-old, 279-pound assembly line supervisor who grieves the car crash death of his parents by getting on a Raleigh bicycle in his funeral suit and pedaling cross-country.

  • Anthony Anderson will star in “Little Orphan Anthony”, which centers on a young yuppie couple whose lives are turned upside down when they mistakenly adopt the world’s oldest orphan — a 25-year-old man (Anderson).

  • Superhero Hype report a rumour that the “Catwoman” teaser trailer might be attached to select copies of “Lord of the Rings : Return of the King” on December 17th.

  • According to the Matt Damon Column, Casey Affleck is signed to reprise his role for “Oceans Twelve”. Nice work, if you can get it.

  • Tremors Movies reports that the prequel, “Tremors :Original Showdown” has been retitled to “Tremors : The Legend Begins”. Thanks to ‘Tom’

  • Check out this link for a special media player that’s been designed that has streaming audio, a rock quiz and a contest to win a Flying V guitar autographed by Jack Black.

  • Jeremy Renner [“S.W.A.T”] has signed on to topline "Love Comes to the Executioner”, about a recent college graduate who becomes the star executioner at the local prison where his brother (Renner) is slated to die.

  • Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn are in talks for "The Wedding Crashers" revolving around two guys who have a hobby of crashing weddings in order to meet girls. While crashing a random nuptial, one of them unexpectedly falls in love.

  • Patricia Cardoso has come on board to direct Universal Pictures’ "Nappily Ever After," the Halle Berry film which follows a black woman’s journey to self-discovery.

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