Time for Jay and Silent Bob to strike back?


The Chevy Chase back as “Fletch” rumours seem to be flying thick and fast this week. I can’t see Kevin Smith – who has his own Chase-less “Fletch” flick in the works – caring too much but still intriguing to hear that people think a Chevy Chase franchise still has life in it. Earlier this week, we reported that there’s a script called “Fletch Returns” doing the rounds. It would bring back Chevy Chase. And now, there’s word that a TV series is also being written

The following message was posted at the FletchWon.net message boards, “I am working on a pilot for a Fletch television show. The show takes place in early 1981, where Fletch is still trying to make the grades in college, while writing for the school paper. I would love some feedback, and where else would I want to get it then from other Fletch fanatics. Here is a little taste…..tell me what you think!!”.

Click here to view the synopsis he offered.