John and Dennis about to be action figures?


According to a scooper on the Superhero Hype website, the roles of Commissioner Gordon and Ra’s Al Ghul in "Batman : Intimidation Game" might have already been cast . If this is true, who got the gigs? According to the scooper, Dennis Quaid – who has been rumoured to be up for the role – is playing the young Gordon, while John Malkovich is playing Al Ghul. Two great actors, hopefully this is on the money. It hasn’t actually been confirmed that Ra’s Al Ghul is in the movie, so this too is a bit of a scoop. According to previous rumours, the most likely villain to be the film’s focus is the Scarecrow. There haven’t been any rumours of late who’ll get the nod to play that role. Christopher LLoyd has been mentioned though. "Batman Intimidation Game" begins production in Feb.