Clints Bits – 9/10


McConaughey’s going back to school, Reese deemed insane, Wilson and Vaughn crashing weddings, Father Merrin heads back to Morroco, Big Fish reeled in over on the official site, Seagal preps his historical epic, Australia pushes back Rodriguez’s latest and Captain Picard throws his hat in the ring to play Dr Who. All this and more in today’s episode of Clints Bits. Available in High Definition.

  • According to his official site, Michael Bailey Smith [“The Fantastic Four”] is trying to nab a role in “Blade: Trinity”, now filming in Vancouver.

  • Matthew McConaughey will play an ageing Narcotics cop who goes undercover at a highschool in New Line’s “Arrested Development”.

  • Reese Witherspoon will star in a remake of a remake of Otto Preminger’s 1965 film “Bunny Lake Is Missing” about a young girl, Bunny, reported missing by her mother. When the police find no trace that Bunny ever existed, the mother’s sanity is questioned.

  • Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn will star in “The Wedding Crashers”, about two guys who have a hobby of crashing weddings in order to meet girls. While crashing a random nuptial, one of them unexpectedly falls in love.

  • Captain Howdy reports that “Exorcist : The Beginning” is scheduled for reshoots in Morocco in November. Warner Bros [despite Universal from 1/04 now distributing Morgan Creek’s films] will still distribute.

  • You can check out the trailer for Tim Burton’s next flick “Big Fish” onlinenow. Different playback options available at the official site.

  • DVDAnswers have the cover art up of the forthcoming “Freddy vs. Jason” DVD. As Ronny Yu told Moviehole earlier this week it’ll include commentaries, documentaries and deleted scenes. Thanks to ‘Tom’

  • Coming Soon reports that Principal photography is scheduled to begin on October 14, 2003 on M. Night Shyamalan’s, Blinding Edge Pictures’ and Scott Rudin’s Scott Rudin Productions’ “The Village”, in and around Philadelphia.

  • According to his official site, Tom Savini is doing a DVD audio commentary with Sean Cunningham and Joe Zito on the upcoming “Friday the 13th: SE”. Thanks to Bloody Disgusting.

  • According to The Z Review, Steven Seagal’s planned “Genghis Khan” biopic will start filming in March 2004 on a $45 million dollar budget.

  • According to MTV, Vin Diesel will still be producing the “XXX” sequel, despite Ice Cube now being the star.

  • Buena Vista International have delayed the release of “Once Upon a time in Mexico” in Australia from November to early next year. Bummer.

  • Doug Bradley’s Official site reports that “Hellraiser : Deader” seems to be delayed. I’ve heard that it’s still in post.

  • Sean Bean [“Goldeneye”] has been added to the cast of the Nicolas Cage starring – Jerry Bruckheimer helming “National Treasure”.

  • The Age reports that Patrick Stewart, James Nesbitt, Ian McKellan and Michael Caine have also put their hands up to test for TV’s new revamped “Dr Who”.

  • Variety reports that the WB have won the rights to air the new series of “Lost in Space”. Apparently this one won’t have a Dr Smith in it, but will feature the Robot.

  • reports that Pinhead was originally written in to cameo at the end of “Freddy vs.Jason”. Studio didn’t go for it though.

  • TV Guide Online reports that Matthew Perry will be reprising his role as savvy White House associate counsel Joe Quincy on an episode of “The West Wing” next month.