"Rocky" road ahead?


Studio Insider ‘Going Greek’ drops in with a bit of a Sly update. Firstly, the recently rumoured-to-be-canned “Rocky 6”. “It was all purely fiscal. The suits didn’t want to hand over bags of currency to anyone that’s going to go away and make a sequel that nobody wants to see, but the star. But things are looking up for the project. And why not, there’s a bit of a void to fill in the action world now that Arnie has as good as called it quits, and secondly though it didn’t make a lot of pool, “Spy Kids 3” proved Sly’s still got appeal."

"The screenplay’s done, and it’s quite good – Very reminiscent of the first film. In other words, lots of character detail, not so many 15 minute training montages. The opponent of the movie is a guy called Excel, who’s just your typical new-age smart arse athlete. The audience is going to be begging Rocky gives this guy a thumping. Talia Shire is ready to come back too [as Adrian]”.

Not so good news on the “Rambo” front. “Very, very doubtful. Sly and the studio had early discussions about it, but I think ultimately those discussions led to him getting the part in Spy Kids instead. No one wants to do a terrorism flick anyway.”

Apparently, Rocky 6 will happen “when people get wind of how good Sly’s Biggie and Tupac flick is. It’s shaping up superbly.”