Triple H The Barbarian?


Of all the people upset by rumours that we’ve seen the last of Arnold Schwarzenegger on film, it’s The Arnold Fans. The stake through the heart came in the form of news that a third “Conan” film would go on, sans Arnold. About a week ago rumours surfaced on the site that creator John Milius would be carrying forward with his plans for the long planned third instalment in the series, with or without original star Arnold Schwarzenegger. Today, there’s news on who might be filling the big guys shoes.The site spoke with a rep for Director John Milius, who said "There are no hard feelings. Although Arnold needed to walk away from the project, Milius understands Arnold’s decision…one hour after Arnold announced his decision to run on the Jay Leno Show, Arnold phoned Milius and said he was sorry that King Conan would not happen"

"Once again, Milius was invited over to the Schwarzenegger’s for dinner. Despite the project collapsing, the two remain good friends. So now Milius needs to find a replacement. I asked about Ralf Moeller, TV’s Conan. Apparently they like the guy for his size but instead think the wrestler “Triple H” MIGHT be a better and grittier fit. They also like his acting and believe he is the perfect age to show the transition from a younger Conan (flashbacks) and could also play the gray-bearded Conan. Milius and Triple H are getting along great already. The two are working on a new kick-ass action movie called "Journey of the Deadman". Milius is anxious to get the project going again and to continue the Conan mythology of kings, wizards and women of the finest stalk. He wants to film in Turkey and Ron Cobb and Basil Poledouris are anxious also to return”.

Will a Triple H or Ralf Moeller movie have the same appeal though?