Returning from the Woods


Haven’t heard much from the “Blair Witch” boys Ed Sanchez and Dan Myrick, but Andy from E Online managed to dig one of the boys up, Sanchez, to see where they’ve been hiding. Sanchez apparently tried to get a comedy off the ground, but didn’t do it, so has written a new horror movie called “Sasquatch”. "Making a horror movie puts you in a weird place," he says. "Blair was so dark that it took us a while to work our way out of that feeling." Regarding Hollywood’s current obsession with horror, he says, "I think it’s a good thing. People love to be scared, so as long as you show enough wacky things in the trailer, you’re going to get an audience that first weekend." But he does have some concerns. "My worry is that like everything in Hollywood, the bad will outweigh the good, and people will get burned out on the genre. But it really doesn’t matter, because a good movie, no matter what genre, will find an audience." Still no word on that “Blair Witch 3” then?