Schneider planning something even "Bigalow"


Rob Schneider’s prepping a no-holds barred R rated sequel to his surprise hit “Deuce Bigalow, Male Giglo” reports Variety. With a budget under $30 million, Schneider’s sure the sequel will make more but feels suffocated by the PG-13 obsession he feels is hurting good comedy. Schneider tells Variety that Disney rejected the idea of “Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo”, a sequel script he wrote with David Garrett and Jason Ward.

One example is a date in the second film with a veil-wearing Katrina, who tells Deuce she was the survivor of a car accident that killed her twin brother. She was sewn back together with some of his parts and suffice to say, the nose came from him and the veil rises each time Deuce touches her.

Studios are bidding and a deal will be made shortly, says the trade. Then, Schneider will draft Jean Reno to play a cop, and he’ll pull out all the stops for a finale that takes place at the "73rd Man-Whore Awards."

Eddie Griffin will return to play Schneider’s pimp and Schneider has a list of celebs he wants to play themselves like Richard Gere, Anna Kournikova and Joan Rivers.