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What to see on the weekend? Most of the new titles opening this week stateside have their going over here so that might help make the decision. The not so glowing review of “Scary Movie 3” is now up here, the much more venerable “Radio” is here, and if you haven’t already caught it, my review of the saucy new Meg Ryan starrer “In the Cut” is here. Definitely a varied bunch of releases this weekend. Today’s bits follow…Now let me get back to listening to the "Wonderland" Soundtrack [Super!]

  • Aint it Cool has a comprehensive report from a scooper at the NATO showcase. Includes bits on the “Aliens vs. Predator” trailer, “Home on the Range” and “Waking Tall”.

  • Are C3P0 and Darth Vader connected more than we think? See Aint it Cool for details.

  • Peter Williams and Peter Wingfield have joined the cast of “Catwoman”, reports Dark Horizons.

  • Model Imogen Bailey talked to The Sunday Tasmanian about her role in friend Brett Leonard’s “Man Thing”, here. Meanwhile, the film’s been locked in for an on August 27 theatrical release next year.

  • SciFi wire talked to Anna Faris who revealed a scene from “Scary Movie 3” in which she did an action scene reminiscent of “The Matrix Reloaded” was dropped from the film after test screenings reacted scantily to it. And Andy at E Online has details on some more cut stuff : “Darrell Hammond, who cameos a in funny scene that had to go in order for Scary Movie 3 to keep its PG-13, whereas the circle-obsessed Cody appears to be playing with, ahem, himself. And there’s Matrix fun where Latifah, playing the Oracle, and Eddie Griffin, as Orpheus, attempt to teach Faris how to fight. Hilarity, as they say, ensues.”

  • According to The Hollywood Reporter, “The Adventures of Indiana Jones” has become the best-selling box set ever. Count the pennies boys.

  • Hollywood North Report has some more set pictures up from “Blade : Trinity” including shots of the Blademobile.

  • The Z Review reports that Danny Elfman [“Batman”, “Edward Scissorhands”] has signed to compose the score for “Charlie and the Cholocate Factory”, Tim Burton’s next flick.

  • According to Production Weekly, Salma Hayek and James Franco will star in director Robert Altman’s “Paint” which centers on a murdered painter and his younger fellow-artist brother.

  • ’Gareth’ from has some “Aliens vs. Predator” news. “Seems that the reason the events take place in Antarctica is that the Predators disdain for the cold is part of the youth’s accentian ritual and the location is known to be mostly devoid of Humans so events can unfold without outside distractions of fear of the Aliens getting released into the Human population. Seems the Predators as in the Dark Horse series seed planets/areas to grow Aliens for their needs. What is not know is who or what played hosts to the Face Huggers as Antarctica does not have much in the way of life that would be suitable.”

  • has a look at the poster for the Xmas release “Paycheck” starring Ben Affleck and Uma Thurman here.

  • Bruce-Campbell Online says that the two Sci-Fi original movies Campbell was attached to are on the backburner. “Earwigs is essentially gone. Forget about it. Man with the Screaming Brain is still in development and will be back on the site once it’s again at the starting line.”

  • According to, the scribe of the “Fletch Returns” script has sent letters off to “the following directors who have worked with Chevy Chase in the past to see if they’re interested in doing the second sequel: Bob Clark–The Karate Dog, John Landis–Spies Like Us & Three Amigos, Harold Ramis–Caddyshack, Bob Saget–Dirty Work and Stephen Kessler–Vegas Vacation”.

  • Artisan Home Entertainment has acquired the North American home video distribution rights to the hit television series “Providence”, says It will be released as a three-disc set in February.

  • Aint it Cool News has your first look at Puss in Boots – as voiced by Antonio Banderas – in “Shrek 2”

  • Sounds like it should’ve read Orlando Bloom, but for the meantime E Online reports that “Orlando Jones has signed for two Pirates of the Caribbean sequels”. Possible I suppose.

  • Taye Diggs [“Chicago”] will star in “Drum”, based on the real life accounts of Drum magazine writer Henry Nxumalo, who risked his life exposing the brutal nature of the South African apartheid regime.

  • tae kwon do specialist Silvio Simac talked to Kung Fu Cinema about his role in the upcoming “Danny the Dog”, opposite Jet Li. “Working with Jet Li was an eye opener. It was like going to a full time Drama School studying stage combat and on top of that watching Yuen Wo-ping and Luc Besson at work, and getting paid for it. God, it was fantastic! I had a great time working with Jet Li and certainly learned a lot from him. His ability to stay focused, professional and real at all times was impressive to say the least.” Simac’s upcoming slate also includes “The Purifiers”, “Square Circle”, and “Team One”.

  • Cameron Crowe has decided he wants to shoot “Elizabethtown” in Spring, rather than January, meaning some of the cast, notably Ashton Kutcher, might no longer be available.

  • Another “Herbie, the Love Bug” remake is on the way. Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant have been tapped by the Walt Disney Co. to pen the screenplay which will pit Herbie in a NASCAR race.

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