Bad Boy meets Clark Griswald?


Martin Lawrence in the next “Vacation” movie? Instead of Chevy Chase? A Black Griswald? but According to, a subscription site called InHollywood has listed a new “Vacation” sequel for development – under the title “Hollywood Vacation” – and Lawrence is attached to star, whether that’s as a Griswald or not is indeterminate. The aforesaid site gives the following summary “The Griswald family continue their adventures, this time in Hollywood”. With any luck, Lawrence is going to merely co-star in the thing, with Chevy Chase back in the lead. But Hollywood? What’s the deal with that design? The last murmur of a new “Vacation” film was quite a spell back though – so don’t expect anything rock-hard on it for a bit. Meantime, Randy Quaid’s reprising his role as Cousin Eddie for “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Lost”, which airs on TV in December. Thanks to ‘JanetB’ for the heads up.