"Superman" slower than a speeding bullet?


McG’s talking again! [Ok, that’s a scoop in itself] about “Superman”, this time to About.Com “I’m a big fan of Superman, and you know, I’m discussing it with Warner Brothers, but it’s still very uncertain. It’s a big project and they’re being very cautious, and I’m being very cautious and it’s yet to be seen if it’s in the cards.” Why so many false starts? “I have no idea. I think they want to be very respectful of the crown jewel of all their franchises. It’s a great character. And I think everybody who would ever be a part of that type of picture wants to get it done properly. So I don’t think they’re in any rush to make that picture, and I think their focus is on doing it right and, you know, maybe it’ll be in the cards, maybe it won’t.” Anyone want to start placing bets now?