Englund suggests Raimi-Campbell reunion


Robert Englund, better known as razor-nailed Freddy Krueger, emerged from the boiler room to talk about the “Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash” idea, again, to Zap2it.com. "It’s a coffin nail — but it’s a great coffin nail, because I love this guy — Bruce Campbell as Ash, the monster-killer that he played in the ‘Evil Dead’ movies, coming after Freddy and Jason, getting both of us, and leaving the world safe from sequels. It would have to be a phenomenal script. It would have to be Bruce and Sam Raimi locked in a Palm Springs hotel for six weeks. It would be great for him and great for us. We could put the franchises to bed with a big, super, pop-culture, camp epic.” Bruce Campbell adds, "From my point of view," he says, "there’s no reason for Ash to join in unless he can kick both their asses, and I’d have to have that on paper. It’s all bull talk right now, from junior executives. When I hear it from some upper-level management, then I’ll start creating some time in my calendar. Check my Web site if you want the truth. If it’s not on my Web site, there’s nothing to talk about."