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When was Highschool ever this exciting?

It comes as a bit of a surprise that a “Cruel Intentions 3” would be in the works. After all, “cruel Intentions 2”, was merely a failed TV spin-off – called “Manchester Prep” – that was salvaged and retitled for a DVD release. But obviously it made enough bank on disc, so a third film has been conceived. According to FilmJerk, the film will focus on another member of the wealthy Merteuil family, Cassidy, one of three manipulative college students in their sophomore year at Preston College. Described as a playground for the very rich and bored, the moral ambiguities of seduction and revenge again take form in sex, dominance, and humiliation, much in the same way the first two films did. Scott Ziehl [“Earth vs. the Spider”] directs. Full Character specs here.

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