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Cussler's "Sahara" not on Paramount's map

I thought Clive Cussler seemed pretty confident Paramount were going to do a good job of bringing his Dirk Pitt stories to the big screen, but talking to KGO-AM 810 San Francisco this week, the author sounded quite dismayed about the film-in-progress, “Sahara”. A scooper for Dark Horizons transcribed the guts of it, “…He had casting and script approval for this film and the films that follow after this one. Now, apparently Dr. Cussler has already turned down 4 scripts and Paramount and Crusader Entertainment are going with a script that he really DOES NOT like and adding story lines that are not even in the book and taking away some parts from the book that they think isn’t dramatic enough. Dr. Cussler also added they are going to have big trouble if they continue with this script which is what appears to be what they are going to do. One of the original story lines in the book that they think isn’t dramatic enough takes place close to the beginning of the book. It starts off as a group of tourists visit a village. Before anyone realizes what’s happening the villagers attack and end up cannibalizing the tourists. The tour guide survives. Dr. Cussler stated he could not believe a scene like this wasn’t dramatic enough for them. He also stated that their replacement was very dull".

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