Bay and friends book Holiday home


So much for the mooted “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” sequel – a follow-up to the current remake that is – with Michael Bay and company setting their sights on an “Amityville” remake instead. Platinum Dunes partners Bay, Andrew Form and Brad Fuller have been tapped by MGM to remake the 1979 hit “The Amityville Horror.” The Jay Anson book on which the original was based purported that the residents of a tree-lined home in a Long Island suburb were terrorized by a haunted house. The home had been inhabited previously by a disturbed young man who murdered his family. The film became a bit hit and hatched seven sequels. Variety says Platinum has been courted by studios after the success of its Marcus Nispel-directed The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Bay said the company is firming other projects, but it doesn’t look like a sequel to its current hit will happen. "We’ve heard from the rights holders on ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ that they want what Hillary Clinton earned for writing her book," Bay told Variety. "That simply isn’t worth it to us."