'Rock' and Roller needed for "Shorty" sequel


According to the always steadfast FilmJerk website, MGM are on the lookout for a recording artist to play a role in “Get Shorty” sequel, “Be Cool”. The film, which starts shooting in January, is believed to be after a female singer to headline the film opposite star, John Travolta. According to casting notes obtained by the site, the character’s name will be Linda Moon, delighted when she is given a shot at the big time; she is oblivious to the in-fighting going on regarding a contract she has signed with a management duo. According to the site, the role that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is being courted for, that of a gay bodyguard-singer who develops an uneasy alliance with Palmer, is not among the roles being sent out to agents, indicating that it seems they are still after the wrestler/actor for the role. For all the character specs click here.