Tights must be going cheap


Frontrunner –apparently- for “Superman”, Brendan Fraser finally talked about the offer to USA Weekend, but funnily enough he doesn’t even sound confident that the movie will go ahead. "I’m not sure that film is going to get made, so stay tuned," he says. But he might like the role if the timing is right. The problem? "The actor who plays that role is forevermore identified as that character. Is it right for me? I don’t know." Meantime, There’s movement on the new “Phantom” movie over at Crusader Entertainment and Hyde Park. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Olympic gold medalist-turned-feature film scribe Mel Stewart has been tapped to pen the tale of the heroic man in purple tights. It is understood that the updated version will be modernized.

"While I like the comic book franchises of the 1990s, I always wanted to be able to identify with my hero more," Stewart said. "Take all of the technology of 2004, where science fiction is no longer that — it’s science fact. If you had all that technology at your fingerprints, you would be a superhero." That is "The Phantom," Stewart adds. Former sportsman Stewart won three medals — two gold and one bronze – as a swimmer in the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain. Wonder if he’ll instil a water constituent to “The Phantom”?