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Hill's mountain of an idea

Haven’t heard anything about this one, never the less in this crazy world of following-up anything made in colour, it’s of course possible. According to a scooper For Aint it Cool, a “Goodfellas 2” could be in the works. “Apparently, Henry Hill (ex-Goodfella turned state snitch) has written a sequel to Godfellas. He surfaced – of all places – as guest speaker at a £50 a head sports dinner party in Liverpool and spoke briefly about the book. It appears that although he was there to talk, he was a bit reluctant to do so. Not surprising really since he still has a hefty price on his head!” Henry Hill wrote the story “Wiseguy” which later formed the basis of the first “Goodfellas” movie. The original movie starred Ray Liotta, Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci and Lorraine Bracco. No word yet on who might feature in this one -though it’s likely Liotta might be involved naturally.

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