Clints Bits – 31/10


For we all unwind – or work, as some of us do – for the weekend some who’s doing what, who’s doing what where, and who’s doing what where with who’s money. Today’s various bits include new flicks for Tom Selleck, Lorraine Bracco, Jennifer Coolidge, Dean Cain, Joel Silver and Bruce Willis, to name but a couple.

  • According to ‘D-Dawg’, Lorraine Bracco was once confirmed to be reprising her role for the “Goodfellas” sequel. It still remains quite likely she would.

  • Lights Out Entertainment have the U.K teaser posters for the upcoming “Kill Bill : Volume 2” up here.

  • According to Dark Horizons, Aaron Ashmore, identical twin brother of “X-Men’s” Sean Ashmore looks to be playing identical twins in “My Brother’s Keeper”, about twins growing up and apart in an industrialized small town, and it seems Sean may have actually acted as Aaron’s double for the scenes where both brothers were in frame. An early spring 2004 release is expected.

  • Paramount Pictures and Cruise/Wagner have signed Keith Gordon [“The Singing Detective”] to script Isaac Asimov’s sci-fi romancer “End of Eternity”, about a low-ranking technician who discovers that the woman with whom he has fallen in love is going to be eliminated in a soon-to-occur time change promulgated by a group of men dubbed the Eternals.

  • Want to see the new “Ginger Snaps” prequel, werewolf? Click here for a looksee.

  • SciFi Wire talked to Joel Silver about the current status of “Wonder Woman”. "I want to make [it]; I’m working on the script. We’ve got to get it right." Laeta Kalogridis is still writing the script. "She wrote a script for me years ago about Joan of Arc that was really very smart," Silver said.

  • Superhero Hype has details on a casting call that’s happening for “Catwoman” here

  • Joel Silver told SciFi Wire that the next Dark Castle remake from his company will be a remake of the 1953 creeper “House of Wax”—in 3-D.

  • Tom Selleck has been tapped to depict President Eisenhower in a two-hour telefilm, "Eisenhower: Thunder in June", for A&E about the buildup to D-Day.

  • CountingDown reports that Ben Trebilcook was on the BBC talking his script for Die Hard 4 and still hopes to be involved. The story is the “Caribbean plot that has been leaked to the net”, he tells, adding that there is also a female villain. McClane’s son, daughter and wife are also involved.

  • Andrew Fleming will direct “Faith Buffalo”, which tells the story of a New York City party planner whose life is put in danger when she witnesses a crime. She is then temporarily relocated to a small town in Montana, where she has trouble adjusting to local culture but ultimately finds herself attracted to the sheriff.

  • Alexander Witt will direct "Cold Shelter" for Wolfgang Petersen’s Radiant Prods that tells the story of an American special forces operative who is sent to 1983 Cold War East Germany to infiltrate a terrorist ring. Once there, he begins to question the values he has always fought to uphold.

  • Larry Hagman told TV Guide that Bruce Willis might be playing J.R in the forthcoming film version of TV’s “Dallas”.

  • According to Bloody Disgusting, the 2-disc DVD of “Cabin Fever” will now be only a 1 disc release. “Second, the childrens artwork extra feature has been dropped. Still unconfirmed as of now are five audio commentaries, deleted scenes, featurettes and trailers. What has been confirmed by Director Eli Roth is that both rated and unrated cuts will be featured on this packed DVD set”.

  • Might “Return to Sleepaway Camp” be an unauthorized sequel? See Creature Corner for details.

  • According to E Online, Cordy’s coming back to “Angel”. Says Kristin, “Charisma (Cordelia Chase) is scheduled to return for one episode, most likely the show’s 100th, which shoots at the end of November.Juliet Landau (Drusilla) already shot an episode”.

  • Comeback kid Dean Cain has been tapped to portray Scott Peterson in USA Network’s telefilm "The Perfect Husband”.

  • Jennifer Coolidge is set to join Jim Carrey, Meryl Streep and Jude Law in the Brad Silberling-directed “Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events”.