Caleb still planning method of attack


Haven’t heard much about the planned film version of mid-90’s Cult TV fave “American Gothic” for a while. Today, Fathom Pictures dropped by with an update that should please fans of the short lived series. “Little Magic Films (Kiki Miyake) is a Japanese distribution company who bought the AG rights for Japan a while back. They like it so much that when they saw all the hubbub on the net, they approached me about involvement. Next week they will decide on whether to give me $1m to give Universal for the rights.” Fathom Pictures have plans to make a new feature film based on the cult series – starring Gary Cole as the devil in the disguise of a small-town sheriff – which will hopefully reunite most of the cast from the series. And what happened to plans for a DVD release of the entire series? “Actually, having discussions about that next week”. Thanks to ‘Craig’