No heavyweights for "The A-Team"


I plan on asking Jack Black about the rumours he’s up for Top Cow’s “A-Team” flick when I interview him, but that’s a week or two away, meantime, Aint it Cool has some dirt on the flick suggesting Mike Tyson wants in. A scooper suggests that the heavyweight – with the voice of Michael Jackson – is after the B.A Baracus role. There’s a problem though, George Clooney wants Mr T to reprise the role, said the scooper. CountingDown got in touch with the company to see if there’s any truth to the rumour though, and thankfully, despite what was reported, Chris Carlisle, Vice President of Creative Affairs at Top Cow, has shut down the rumours. Casting rumours for the movie over the years have included Brendan Fraser, Taye Diggs, Mel Gibson, and Owen Wilson. Jack Black was also recently mentioned as a candidate.