"Goonies 2" is in your hands..


It’s all starting to sound good for those muffins fretfully awaiting Richard Donner to do “The Goonies 2”, and because I wouldn’t mind seeing such a sequel myself – hey, who through that tomato? – I urge one and all to sign this petition over at CoreyFeldman.com. At a recent screening for his new movie “Timeline” in Dallas, Director Donner said he’s all for doing the sequel, and plans to go ahead with it even if Warner give him the birdie. So I guess this is a back-up plan just in case the WB say a Feldman-Astin-Brolin headlined sequel ain’t gonna cut it. Corey Feldman recently gave Donner a call, he tells Moviehole, to see what’s the latest on the movie, and apparently there’s not much movement, so a petition might just get things rolling along. Meantime, I can confirm that Corey has indeed been cut from “Cursed”. The storyline in which his character featured in was excised from the film. Thanks to ‘GoonieGran’, ‘Bradley’