Never say Never Again…and Again


Timothy Dalton back as Bond? As far fetched as it sounds, it might be happening. ‘TeddyB’ has the low-down: “Remember the baffling battle for Producer Kevin McClory to remake Thunderball as Never Say Never Again? It was eventually released as an unofficial Bond film and did made a nice sum at the end of the day. Jack Schwartzman was producer. Now he’s back apparently, and eyeing another unofficial Bond film. Word is, he wants Timothy Dalton, who starred as 007 in License to Kill and The Living Daylights to headline it, despite currently having to argue his why’s and how’s in a courtroom. Who knows if it will ever happen because there’s so much red tape and nuisance ahead, but interesting to see that they would even consider doing another one, and with Dalton?” If it happened once, it can happen again I suppose. Can’t see a Dalton 007 being much of a match for a Brosnan 007 though.