Hogwarts housing Sorcerer's Balls?


With “Scary Movie 3” currently taking a huge bite out of the U.S Box office, it isn’t surprising to hear more spoof’s are on the way. MGM has bought the rights to “Henry Bates and the Sorcerer’s Balls” – a spoof of the "Harry Potter" and "Lord of the Rings" franchises, says Variety. The studio is looking to conjure up a fantasy parody in the vein of the "Scary Movie" horror-spoof franchise. The film was scripted by David Morgasen, James R. Stein and Timothy Stack. "Our good wizard is Gandolfini, who goes against the evil wizard Enron," Morgasen told Variety. "The quest involves Henry Bates, the rightful king of the land of Middlefinger." MGM bought the script days ago and has already engaged the writers for a two-week polish, indicating the studio plans to move quickly. Meantime, plans seem to be full speed for a fourth "Scary Movie" chapter, which the Zuckers will return for.