Return of the Living Dead?


I’ll probably catch up with the man at this week’s AFI Awards on Friday night, but meantime a scooper for Dark Horizons has word on what’s next for Aussie export Geoffrey Rush. Firstly, Rush will be starring in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” sequel it seems, one of them anyway. “He told me that while there are going to be two Pirates of the Caribbean sequels, he’d probably only be back for number two. He told me that the next film and his character’s return would have something to do with Voodoo magic”, says a scooper. Talking of sequels, Rush is apparently talking up the script for “The Son of the Mask” – does that mean he’s in it? “..Said that it was a cracker of a script and should be better than the first Mask movie with much better SFX. I don’t know what his involvement with the film is but he seemed to be quite excited by it.”