Guillermo returns from Hell


Guillermo del Toro got type happy over on the Hellsite message boards, and gave all his fans an update on what’s next and where certain projects are at. Firstly, “Mountains of Madness”? “being re-written until early spring, right now it is in the hands of my writing partner Matthew Robbins so, there, we won’t hear from the studio until -probably- spring of 2004. Cross your tentacles.” “Wind in the Willows”? “Written. As of now, I am no longer attached to the project. I turned in my draft -co-written with MR- and the approach I planned proved to be very expensive and -probably weird- to the studio. It happens… I cherish a scene in which mr. Toad was paraded though London a bit like The Elephant Man. Sigh- no wonder they found it weird…” What about “Creature from the Black Lagoon”? “I have never been in development with this property. I just pitched a possible idea to do a Jules Verne sort of adaptation of the premise. I am now part of the many guys that have "pitched" a CFTBL movie( Carpenter, Landis, etc) in a way I am relieved, Seeing the original with my daughter made me realize how perfect it is- Oh, Julie!”

“Monte Cristo”? “Written. Still looking for a way of making it happen.” “Mephisto’s Bridge”? “Written. It’s been 10 years since I wrote this one… I need to rewrite it someday. It is a little dated. Many movies have done the Faustian Doppelganger bit since the script was written. Most notably that anarchic, misantropic masterpiece Fight Club”. Mark Frost’s “List of 7”? “Also in it’s 10th anniversary… It has become a tradition to talk to Mark Frost every year and plan new ways of have this baby financed. When we wrote it, Steampunk had not yet taken hold. Many movies have done stuff like it now -with varying degrees of success (WWWest, LXG, etc) but List of 7 remains as powerful today as it was when we adapted the novel. K.W. Jeeter, Tim Powers, Mark Frost, brilliant mind in search for a movie, somewhere in the future.” What about “Coffin”? “There is a storyline written by Tim McCanlies but we have not "nailed" it -no pun intended, sorry. Thankfully, Lightstorm is being very patient and I hope this one takes shape next year. The comic is incredibly interesting but I want to find the exact tone for it.” Finally, “Crimson Peak”? “I am in talks about that one. I would love to be able to make a Gothic Romance much in the Bronte/ DuMarier mold but really creepy. I will start outlining the story and work on the outline quite soon.”