The Mandy and Portia situation


Yesterday, I mentioned that Portia De Rossi had got a new role in “Cursed”, in the film’s opening scene. From memory, that was Mandy Moore’s character. I checked in with a studio source, to see what the deal is. “Portia De Rossi is in the opening but she’s not the opening kill. She’s not playing Mandy Moore’s part but a different character all together.” Meantime, Filmjerk have a review up of the original script – the one before all the recent changes – and says “It’s exceptionally bad at moments, but it does have hint of greatness. I like a few of the subplots, the whole high school storyline is fun. Too bad this screenplay wasn’t worked on more extensively. It’s a serious frustration." In addition, they also reveal the ending of the original script, and you won’t believe who the killer is! All the details here