Mel and Danny back on the beat?


You’d think the last thing Mel Gibson would want to do – what with his own production company spitting out some pretty big mega flicks these days – would be a “Lethal Weapon 5”, but that’s exactly what he wants to do apparently. Whilst promoting “Timeline” Director Richard Donner revealed that he has a plan for a “Lethal 5” that would centre on Gibson and Danny Glover’s characters over a 24 hour period. "I have the story in my head for a fifth and final Lethal Weapon, but it’s all up to Mel Gibson," says Donner. “The last couple of times I talked to Mel, it really seemed he was interested in doing one more…"I really want to put the franchise to bed properly," Donner adds. In addition, Aint it Cool news has an update on Donner’s “Goonies 2”, saying Paul Walker – star of “Timeline” – has been talking to the director about a role in the sequel. Thanks to Coming Soon,The Calgary Sun