I know what the fish did last Summer


Creature-Corner reports that ol’ Moviehole friend Muse Watson – the killer fisherman in “I Know what you did last Summer” – will headline a new killer fish flick called “Bayou”. According to the site, it’s begun principal photography in the state of Alabama. “A story of genetically screwed up fish that get angrier as they grow in size, Bayou is director Mark Dippé’s return to the camera after 1997’s Spawn. The production not only promises to be tongue-in-cheek but also utilize a combination of practical and CG effects, with a strong emphasis on the latter. That shouldn’t come as any surprise, though: a career at Industrial Light & Magic runs through Dippé’s bloodstream”, says the site. Co-starring are China Chow, Reggie Lee, Marco St.John, Mark Boone Jr and Sean Patterson.