"Max" still in the Game


Seems George Miller is still all for doing “Mad Max 4”, despite rumours that it’s not happening now because Mel Gibson has jumped on board a new project. In an article in the Sydney Morning Herald, Miller said he still hopes to do the sequel but blames the rising Aussie dollar for putting it on the backburner. "When we started on Mad Max, the Australia dollar was 52 [US cents] … It’s 72 cents now.That’s a massive blow-out in your budget, which is another problem for Australia. I’m all for the runaway productions coming out from the United States. I love the fact that we get the Matrix movies and Star Wars being made here. But the Australian dollar [is] making the differential so tough." Miller is midway through filming the computer-generated “Happy Feet”, a penguin tale which features the voices of Robin Williams, Brittany Murphy and Elijah Wood, in Sydney. Thanks to ‘João’