Mace Windu inherits super powers


Samuel L.Jackson as comic book hero “Nick Fury”? – Maybe. Talking with, the “SWAT” star was informed how much he looked like the action-figure, "Yeah, I know! I’ve seen that… the guy from Shield…Yeah, Nick Fury. I actually have those. Well… okay…. I talked to them actually. Jackson says he met with Avi Arad and Marvel about a film. "I had a meeting a couple of months ago. And we were talking about trying to find the possibilities there. Actually, I am already a superhero – in an animated film.” Jackson’s starring in “The Invincibles”, giving voice to “Mr Incredible’s best friend. I’m Frozon." Jackson adds, "I’ve got superpowers, man! – I can make things freeze… Yeah, it was cool, spent about five, six months making that, off and on." Was it fun? "Yeah, it was fun, – specially ’cause you can’t see Anything, not while you’re doing it. All we had was the character picture on the wall, but they hadn’t done the animation. It’s like doing a radio play." Meantime, Dark Horizons has a story on Marvel’s upcoming slate which mentions that a big name star is attached to “Nick Fury”. See hereThanks to ‘Matthew’.