Always knew Gollum was a monkey


Is Gollum going to next be straddling skyscrapers and clutching Fay Ray in his gigantic paws? Seems so. Dark Horizons received word that a certain “Lord of the Rings” star might be jumping on board Peter Jackson’s next project, “King Kong”. "Just talked to a guy visiting the UK, scouting studio facilities and locations for a New Zealand based film project. The guy in question also works closely with Weta, and revealed a startling fact about Peter Jackson’s next opus, King Kong.Apparently, Jackson is planning to use a similar technique for creating the CGI Kong to that used for Gollum, and to this end has already ‘booked’ Andy Serkis to bring Kong to life in a similar way. Serkis will once again don his blue body-suit, and is understood to already be studying ape movements and mime techniques as preparation".