Another Christopher Headed to Gotham City?


For eons, it’s been suggested that the villain of the next “Batman” movie – now called “Batman : Intimidation Game” and filming in February – would be ‘The Scarcrow’. Cinescape now has near confirmation on this, but apparently the character’s appearance will be classified as more of a cameo than a main villain tag. And who’s the favourite to play the character? Christopher Eccleston [“Shallow Grave”], says a scooper for the site. “The film’s primary bad guy will remain R’as al Ghul, the immortal whose vision of a world without chaos reaches through centuries of time. But the idea is to introduce the Scarecrow early in the film to show audiences that this Batman movie is different than its predecessors; namely, that it’s darker and scarier, and that the rogues that Batman face in Nolan’s vision of Gotham City are far more dangerous than the ones seen in Joel Schumacher’s Batman movies.”

He adds, “Our agent tells us that the idea is to show the Scarecrow terrorizing Gotham so Nolan’s version of Batman (played by Christopher Bale) can be introduced. After bringing down Scarecrow the plot would then move on to Batman having to leave Gotham City, possibly as a result of the actions of this opening segment, and travelling to London where al Ghul is located. There the majority of the film’s story takes place. The part is small and isn’t like the previous three Batman films which have seen the Dark Knight face two villains throughout the picture. There may be a possibility that Scarecrow could return in a future Batman movie but for now it’s meant to be a one-time appearance and that’s all.”

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