From Comics to Cowboys


Ang “Those Hulk fans want your head on a stick” Lee has decided on his next film project. Lee is circling a big-screen adaptation of the epic love story "Brokeback Mountain" for Focus Features, says The Hollywood Reporter. The project is based on a short story by E. Annie Proulx and is being adapted by Proulx and "Lonesome Dove" author Larry McMurtry.

The project is an epic love story set against the sweeping vistas of Wyoming and Texas and centering on two young men — a ranch hand and a rodeo cowboy — who meet in the summer of 1961. Unexpectedly, the two forge a lifelong connection, with complications, joys and tragedies that provide a testament to the endurance and power of love. "Brokeback" was at one time being eyed by Gus Van Sant for Columbia Pictures to distribute but ended up under development at Good Machine when Sony’s option expired. Former Good Machine partners David Linde and James Schamus now co-head Focus. "Brokeback" would keep Lee in the Universal fold as Focus is Universal’s specialty arm. It also would mark the first project for the helmer that hasn’t been penned by Schamus since 1995’s "Sense and Sensibility."

In related news, Lee told WhatDVD magazine that he’s not interested in directing the recently announced “Hulk” sequel. Thank God!