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Clints Bits – 24/11

Clints Bits – 24/11

Saw the trailer for the new Adam Sandler / Drew Barrymore flick last Friday. Looks quite good. It’s pretty obvious we aren’t going to have another “Wedding Singer” smasheroo on our hands, but it looks well done. Funnily enough, the title of the film on the trailer was “50 first Dates”. Now, hang on, wasn’t it called “Fifty first Kisses?” Time will tell I guess. Today’s bits wait…

  • According to Aint it Cool, many of those rumoured changes to “Star Wars”, and it’s sequels, for the DVD, aren’t true.

  • There are some new set pics of the new Matthew Lillard – Seth Green comedy “Without a Paddle” up here

  • Sean Connery and Angelina Jolie in swords ‘n’ horses epic “Cyrus”? click here for details

  • Trailer alert : “Torque” has a trailer here

  • Fox Searchlight is scaring up a deal to acquire North American rights to Danny Boyle’s next "Millions”.

  • Matthew Bomer told TV Guide that he’s still very much interested in playing “Superman”

  • Ethan Embry tells that he’d like to do a “Back to the Future 4”, despite not starring in the previous three films. Um..yeah.

  • According to DVDAnswers, Warner has denied the rumours that “The Matrix Revolutions” will be due on DVD in January. Instead, it’ll be ‘announced’ in Jan.

  • The Daily Telegraph reports that security at the AFI awards after party initially knocked back Rose Byrne from the jamboree because she wasn’t given the right ticket. Just lovely.

  • Superhero Hype reports that Stan Lee has a cameo in “Spider-Man 2” [hey, look, he stole that kid’s Pizza!] but couldn’t find time to do an appearance in “The Punisher”.

  • Aussie “Dawson’s Creek” fans might be interested to know that the final series of the show will return weekdays from December 13 at 1:30 pm.

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