Original 'Bat' stars back for "Intimidation Game"?


Apparently the plan for the next “Batman” film was for it to be a series restart, and not have any links to the previous movies. How things quickly change. A scooper for Batman On Film tells us not to be surprised if Michael Gough and Pat Hingle return to reprise their roles as Alfred the Butler and Commissioner Gorodn, respectively. “Remember when I told you that this film wouldn’t scream restart? That is looking more and more the case. If people want to go view this film as a sequel, they can. If they want to go watch the movie and believe that they are seeing a restart, they can do that as well. The film is going to look different than the previous four, no doubt. But it is my opinion that fans will be able to view this either way. There won’t be a big disclaimer at the beginning saying "This is a restart" or "This is a sequel." It’s just going to be Nolan’s Batman film.” This is getting interesting.