Another blow for "The Goonies 2"


AThe always-busy Richard Donner and his wife Lauren Shuler Donner both talked to about what they’ve got on next and it doesn’t fare well for "Goonies 2" hopefulls. Donner says, “One of two things. An original by Brian Helgeland or an original by Richard Wink who’s also a very wonderful writer.” The Wink one is about “a very off beat New York cop character in a very bizarre situation”. Doesn’t sound well for those expecting his next film to be “Goonies 2” does it? Meantime, Lauren says “…there’s another comic that we’re going to do with Chuck Russell called Path. It’s a Cross Gen comic, but we’re going to do it for television. We’ll do it as a miniseries. And there’s a DC comic that a guy who used to work for Dick named Jeff Johns who is a comic creator himself, brought us an idea, one of the DC comics and I’ve just approached DC to see if we can do that. So we’ll do that with Jeff. Jeff will produce it for us.”