Jason Mewes taking on Darth Vader?


Finally, there’s some movement on the “Clerks” animated movie, which Director Kevin Smith’s been planning for eons. NewsAskew reports, “Fans in Texas were lucky enough to be the first to see that animated test footage that was done for the upcoming Clerks cartoon movie — In it, Jay has a a light saber battle with Darth Vader…or is it? The clip was shown during Kev’s Q&A today and ran about 3 minutes. It’s done by Powerhouse Animation (they of that excellent "Heroes" Clerks spoof), who will be handling the animation duties for the Clerks cartoon film totally in Flash (a first for a motion picture). No new details from Kev’s Q&A today (at least, nothing we heard so far), though this seems to be a good indication that the animated movie is still on the slate, though no release date is planned at this point.”